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Sixth Annual International Invitational South Vanc - Victoria BC sub run

Local Chapter covering the geography of British Columbia and the state of Washington. The "IP" refers to the "Inside Passage"...the large body of inland water that runs up the coast.

Postby Atomic Subs » Sat Apr 17, 2004 4:53 pm


Sixth Annual International Invitational South Vancouver Island
Model Submarine Regatta (S.A.I.I.S.V.I.M.S.R.)

Dates, Venues & Times: Saturday, May 8 and Sunday May 9, 2004, at
Harrison's Model Yacht Pond (HMYP) on Saturday, and at Thetis Lake
Regional (Provincial) Park on Sunday. Flexible hours on both days:
11:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. -- batteries, gas, food and refreshments

Access to HMYP & Thetis: The Pond is situated on Victoria's
waterfront, i.e. Dallas Road, right where it "T" intersects with
Government Street. Thetis Lake lies about 8 miles north and west of
downtown Victoria, and is accessible via the Trans-Canada Highway's
(Highway No. 1) Exit 10 -- about 20 minutes by car from Victoria, or
some 35 minutes from the Schwartz Bay B.C. Ferries terminal, by way of
the Pat Bay Highway and the McKenzie Avenue (traffic interchange)

Lodging: On Government street, some three blocks east of the pond,
stands the James Bay Inn (250-384-7151). It's a sort of a funky place,
with pretty decent on-site parking and excellent food and beverage
facilities. Alternatively, for those of you with personal, mobile
quarters, there is a fully equipped campground in or at Thetis Lake
Provincial Park. Dallas Olsen in Everett at (425) 348-9508 and Vicki
have stayed there in the past and were full of praise. No doubt more
info can be accessed via the net.

Food: On both days the under-mentioned organizer will host a lunch and
tolerated (?) refreshments. To that end, the services of Norman Farley
-- a retired caterer -- have been engaged. In the past, it has proven
possible to serve some vegetarian stuff and, at the Pond, some
nearly-warm dishes have found favor with the participants. It is with
these lunches in mind that you are asked to CONTACT THE ORGANIZER, NO
LATER THAN MAY FIRST (i.e. the first day of May, (the Saturday before
the 8th)

Costs: Zip, nada, zilch, nothing. Thetis Lake there is a
very heavily policed parking fee of C$2.00 a day. Make sure to have a
"toonie" ("tooney"?) among your change. Two years ago, some five or
seven of us had nothing but grief with Robbin's Parking -- the
franchise holders. Not worth the trouble and grief.

Arrangements: The City of Victoria Parks Department will be contacted
in advance, to make sure that Harrison's Pond is free of debris, and
full (18") of clean water. Nothing can be guaranteed, of course, but
Parks has been pretty good to us in years past. At Thetis Lake, no
notice must be given and the dates are such that minimal interference
from swimmers and fishermen is expected. There are, however, dog
owners who make their pets retrieve sticks. But that's actually more
fun than a nuisance. Well, okay, to a dog the difference between a
stick and a model sub is not always distinguishable.

Notes: The event is neither sponsored nor sanctioned by either the
SubCommittee or the Victoria Model Shipbuilding Society. As such, no
insurance will be in effect.

The organizer is at all times receptive to duty-free PLAIN CAMELS
(the R.J.Reynolds species) and, to that end, keeps a cache of U.S. coin
in his wife's night table's drawer. This was deemed to deserve


Romain L. Klaasen.
1061 Joan Crescent,
Lyle Jansma
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Atomic Subs
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Postby Bob the Builder » Mon Apr 19, 2004 12:44 pm

Sixth Annual International Invitational South Vancouver Island
Model Submarine Regatta (S.A.I.I.S.V.I.M.S.R.)

Wow! Now that's a mouthful!

This'll be my first 'real' sub regatta, and I really hope that we'll get a load of people there.

The boat pond is perfect for small subs and is great for chatting it up while you run your boat. My Nautilus is a tad too big to run comfortably there (she's about 14" from raker top to keel), but I'll be doing a lot of surface running for sure.

Thetis is a far better place (IMHO). There's a concrete path along one side with between four and six feet of perfectly clear water right beside. This is where I learned to dive my Nautilus for the first time. There is also a large sandy beach, washrooms, and a nearby unloading area for all of your gear. A more picturesque location you will not find.

If anyone is short on accomodations, my wife and I have a spare suite in the basement that I'd be willing to share with anyone in need. Only payment that I ask is the bulk of your RC sub knowledge. We're in Langford, about twenty minutes from the boat pond and five from Thetis Lake.

Here's a shot of my Nautilus during her maiden voyage at Thetis Lake in February.
Bob Martin,
RCSub homepage:
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