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Posting Photos on the New Forum

Please use this forum to ask those "how to" questions on using all the interesting features available with our new forums.

Posting Photos on the New Forum

Postby TMSmalley » Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:13 pm

You'll see posting photos on this forum is TONS easier than on the old Ikonboard one.

The easiest way is just click on the little box below that says "Add image to post". That opens a new window in "" Click on browse to find the image on your own computer, click on "upload it" and viola, you're done!


If you want to post an image that is already on another website or in your SC member page it is a little more detailed but no rocket science is needed.

1) Find the image where ever it is located on the web.

2) Right click on it and go down to to "properties" and click on that.

3) Highlight that address - usually starting with http://...and ending with .jpg.

4) Then on your keyboard click Ctrl and the letter C. That copies the higlighted address.

5) Then go to the forum message you are composing.

6) Click on the box that says IMG just above the mesage compose window.

7) Then, on your computer keyboard, push the Ctrl key and then the letter P. That pastes the photo address you copied a minute ago to right after the IMG.

8 - Then click on the IMG box again. (That puts a /IMG after the photo's address that is in your message.)

9) That's it! Click on "Preview" or "Post" and you'll see your picture magically residing in your post.

The advantage to doing it this way, the photos will be larger than the thumbnail size ones that shows.

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