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SubRegatta '06 Contest Winners

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Postby JWLaRue » Sat Aug 05, 2006 10:14 pm


Here are the winners for the various competitions held during SubRegatta '06 in Carmel:


1st place - Ben Cliffe: underwater photo of Seawolf
2nd place - Tom Kisler: Skipjack being pursued by a shark
3rd place - Ben Cliffe: photo of Ted Scriven's Type IX going to schnorkel depth


1st place - Brian Stark: USS Scorpion
2nd place - David Crawford: CSS David
3rd place - Michael Wilson: USS Tucson

R/C Engineering & Craftsmanship

1st place - Mike Dory: U-107, Type IXC U-boat (SSY)
2nd place - Doug Badgley: Wilhem Bauer, Type XXI U-boat (Badgely)
3rd place - Ted Scrivens: Pipe Dream, freelance video sub

R/C Navigation

1st place - Paul Crozier: USS Thresher (ThorDesign)
2nd place - Jeff Porteous: USS Blueback (Small World Models)
3rd place - Jody Enebrad: Seehund (OTW)

Congratulations to all who competed!

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