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SubRegatta Competition Fees - CHEAP!

Know of an upcoming modeling event?

Postby TMSmalley » Wed Jul 20, 2005 11:31 am

SubRegatta Competition Fees are as follows -

Competition registration: $3 - includes a nifty souvenir brass torpedo boat stand plaque. (You pay this $3 plus the fees listed below)

As an example - if you entered one boat in the nav course and in the engineering judging, you would pay a total of $12.

RC Competitions: (Navigation Course and Engineering Judging) $5 for first boat, $4 for second (max of $9. plus $3 registration)

Static Competition Judging (Static Models, Dioramas): $4 first boat, $3 for second entry (for a max of $7. plus $3 registration)

SubPhotography Contest ~ Any submarine (real or model) related subject matter: $4 first photo $3 for second for a maxium of $7 plus $3 registration. Besides an award plaque (no more belt buckle photography awards - sorry), the winning photo will be featured on one of the covers of the December SubCommittee Report!

We have usually received only a couple of entries in this category in the past so I hope this year you'll go through the old shoebox and pull out your best sub / sub modeling photos and bring them to the SubRegatta for judging.

By the way - Fees charged go to help pay for the awards and plaques.


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