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OK Bubbleheads, last chance.

Know of an upcoming modeling event?

OK Bubbleheads, last chance.

Postby Bigdave » Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:57 am

So you may be saying to yourself, Self why is that dummy Bigdave posting this in multiple spots. :roll:
Well I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that today is the last day to order the supercool Carmel Subrun shirts.
The shirt will be a keeper for sure with all the Subron logos on it.
And remember you do not need to attend the Subrun to order a shirt.
D3 will be able to ship them to you for only postage cost.
I know how we all tend to be procrastinators and I am probably #1 in that respect. :oops:
And the event is over a month away but this is the date the shirt company gave us.

So there, I have done my little bit to help save humanity today. :mrgreen:
Now it's up to you. :wink:
Here is the link to order if you wish.
BD. (Commordork Subron 8)
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Re: OK Bubbleheads, last chance.

Postby bob_eissler » Mon Jun 30, 2014 9:20 pm

Thanks Dave,
You have my order. Put in for a large T shirt and went through Paypal. I'll see you in Carmel.
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