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great source for BP bladders

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great source for BP bladders

Postby Pirate » Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:52 pm

Guys, I found this source for the blood pressure cuff I'm using in my Ohio. Super cheap. I wanted to get it and make sure it was without problems before I posted this, but it seems to be just fine.

This price included the sleeve that goes around it. At first, I thought maybe that was all that was included for this price, but it was the sleeve and the rubber bladder together. Only thing is you have the cut the sleeve off of the bladder to use.

Price I paid a month ago was $7.99. Looks like they've gone down even more to $7.65. Only problem with the internet is that shipping is usually more than the item one buys, as is in this case.

Allegro Medical
Quantity 1 of 111E-3829BF1
Invacare Replacement Cuffs and Bladders - Standard Adult - Size: 10", Cuff Width: 5.7" ... 51984.html
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Re: great source for BP bladders

Postby greenman407 » Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:43 am

I am new to RCABS. The sleeve that goes around it that you speak of, Im thinking that it is the sleeve that goes around your arm and attaches with velcro is it not? What I dont like about RCABs is that in many cases the bladder is free to expand wherever and whatever. I would want mine to be contained or inside a cyl. Would not the sleeve help to do this?
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Re: great source for BP bladders

Postby Art Broder » Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:10 am

Actually the bladder is not free to "expand wherever and whatever in most cases". It can be placed in a cylinder if desired, but the beauty of RCABS is that the bladder(s) can be attached where desired with velcro, and the placement can be easily adjusted to improve trim, or two smaller bladders can be used where the space is available for them to expand the desired amount. In my Flying Sub I placed a bladder in each wing, because there was no room for expansion in or around the centrally placed WTC. I have found no advantage to using the "cuff" which is the correct term for the "sleeve".
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