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Just getting Started

R/C Submarine modelers

Just getting Started

Postby TheAviator » Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:51 pm

Hi! Im fairly new to model subs but ive been building model airplanes, boats and cars since I was little. I just recently got into RC models and I have a few airplanes (that are in my tree) and helicopters. Now I want to start getting into the marine RC. I love the idea of submarines, boats are neat but subs are awesome!
What I would like to do is build my own WTC with everything I need already inside. Then take a revell or other model and turn it into an RC model. Ive seen the already made WTC compartments on here. They look great and I really want one, but I dont think I can convince the wife to let me have a $400 toy. So I really want to make it myself. Are there any plans for WTC around? Is it feasible to make one? And once one is made is it easy to convert the models into RC? Thanks for any advice ahead of time.
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Postby TheAviator » Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:34 pm

I really like the Gato. That seems like the way to go for me. Its hard to find info on these rc subs specifically the wtc. Can anyone offer up a good web site to look over?
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Postby Chuck Chesney » Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:56 pm

Try "Big Dave" Welch, on the vendors list. Dave is a real pro, and builds top quality WTC at a resonable price.

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Postby David H » Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:27 am


there are plenty of ways to build a WTC. The best approach is to reserach, research and then research. There are plenty of websites on the internet and a lot of very experienced people.

you need to ask yourself what type of ballast system you want to use and the size of all the components that are involved. If you have an engineering bent then building your WTC is possible. I've built 2 that work really well.

This is the aussie subcommittee site and this page shows some of my stuff including the WTC.s I use the windscreen washer pump set up (sheerline) and i am quite pleased with it.

there are a couple of good books out there that i know of, norbert Bruggens model submairne technology is quite good although a bit mathematical it will give you all you need to think about but you can build without all the maths so don't stress.
The other traplet books are a bit of a waste of time. You have more pressing details to worry about than weathering a periscope!

I can certainly give more details of my set up if you wish, but there is a wealth of knowledge out there and learn as much as you can before deciding onyour configuration.

David hughes. :wink:
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