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PVC Propel pressure vessel

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RE: PVC Tanks

Postby Mike Dory » Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:51 pm

Howdy Guy's - I was the other half of the big debate over the use of PVC tanks back in the early 90's. All I can say is I've been building PVC tanks out of Sch. 80 PVC for over 35 years and never had a problem. I will say if your concered about over pressure, use a clippard valve they have an automatic pressure release, if the pressure goes over 105 LBS. It will open. Of Course your going to check for a full tank of Air just before going in the water anyway. I used to get mine from Sub -Tec or Ships & Things in N.J. I would tell you however, that in my opinion, you should try using M.G. Super Duster #134 instead of Propel. The cost is about the same, as is the pressure but it dosen't have any solvant in it. solvant over time, can eat away at rubber seals or some rubber lines You can find Super Duster #134 at most computer stores. Be sure to ask for the refill can as it will fit with the same hardware that the propel can uses. This stuff was made to clean plastic key boards so there is no harmful stuff in it that will hurt your boat or paint Ho ya, It's made in Canada, so you guy's up there may get a brake on the price .... Best Wishes Mike Dory
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Postby Rogue Sub » Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:12 pm

I dont use propel anymore. I only use the duster cans. You can buy them cheap in bulk at costco and such. Its good to hear they don't have the bad chemicals in them though... It time to resurrect my missile project me thinks.
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