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Rust below the waterline??? - What should it look like (weathering)

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Postby toneburst » Sat Feb 21, 2004 10:53 am


I had the idea to start weathering the hull of my type VIIC when I thought: "should I expect any rust below the waterline?". Above the waterline rust will be surely visible since most WWII U-boats were on surface most of the time, but 'howzabout' below the water.... Rust is expected to form runners and streaks, but not when submerged and is it expected to have formed on the WWII type VIIC at sea???. This whole topic goes for any surface-ship afcourse, but eventhough I'm Dutch I do not have any 'Marine-history'. Most of the pics I found were of subs and ships on the surface, without the 'below-waterline-part' of the hull being visible. I found some pics of beautifully weathered models with rust-streaks and runners even below the waterline but it looked a bit unrealistic to me (unless you expect to display a model that has been lying in the dock for years).
I intend to have my U being both RC and for display, so I'ld like to have it realistically weathered.
Anyone able and willing to give me any advise and/or leads??


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