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type V11c revell kit - help

R/C Submarine modelers

Postby mr magoo » Fri Feb 06, 2004 2:15 pm

Dear anybody, Can someone possibly Mr. Van Aalst tell me of of I store in Holland or anywhere that I can order this kit, preferablywhere shopping won't be 40$ or so. Please include e-mail of site for a store or website. e-bay bidding at over $80 plus $39.00 shipping is not that attractive for a $50 dollar kit.
Revell tell me that it will be here in the US in March. I know that historically Revell has been way off when it comes to avalibility in the US for ANY of their kits
thanks, Dave M
mr magoo
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Postby raalst » Fri Feb 06, 2004 5:25 pm

I paid 55 euros for the kit. that means about $68 with
current exchange rates.
Since you talk about $, you probably live in the
states. shipping from holland to the states will (probably)
cost another $30. And I expect the banking industry to
want compensation for making an overseas payment.
So, expect to pay at least $80 or wait...

I *think* WEM
(white ensign models) will ship the kit
to the US, but I have read stories about broken hulls.
Any damage to the sides of the box will directly impact the
hull halves, because the box is only a few millimeters
longer than the hull. WEM probably cannot prevent
the damage, or provide an even bigger box (i.e. do not
take this a criticism on WEM)

I am amazed that give the current situation no
enterpreneur has collected a few orders, hired some
container on a ship and made a few bucks...

Ronald van Aalst

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