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Tool Box Survey - What do you take to the pond?!

R/C Submarine modelers

Postby TMSmalley » Wed Oct 22, 2003 10:24 am

It has been pointed out to me several times by surface skimmer captains, that the tool box I take to the pond has more tools n' stuff in it than they have on their home workbenches.

I know probably do take too much but:
1) "Be prepared" is a good motto to follow and
2) If I don't bring it, I KNOW I'm gonna need it!

I noticed that subguru Skip Asay has a fairly small kit he carries - even when he is 2,500 miles from home. He also has a cool way of attaching his Propel can to the side of the box using a cast-off marine fire extinguisher bracket. I'm going to copy that as soon as I can find one of the old metal brackets (the new ones are all cheesy plastic!) Or maybe a suitable-sized chunk of PVC pipe screwed to the side of the box? Or....?

Okay, I'll admit that we don't need to hear about the standard stuff ie., screwdrivers, needle nose and standard pliers, small Crescent wrench, multi-meter, CA glue and so on, but what's in there besides the usual stuff?

In mine, I carry a small fisherman's "dogbone" marker buoy. In case my sub goes missing, I can throw it to mark the spot where she was last seen. I haven't used it yet but WHAT IF?!!!!

So let's hear it Bunky - what's in your toolbox?


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Tim Smalley
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Postby Sub culture » Wed Oct 22, 2003 12:21 pm




Spare set of cystals

Er, that's it.

Never needed anything more in six years of subbing.


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Sub culture
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Postby Davy » Wed Oct 22, 2003 1:30 pm

I must admit that if I had to change crystals - I'd rather pack up and go home! :D

Silicone grease in tube. Spare nuts and bolts. Weight and line for a simple stranding and now a hydrophone and Pinger and of course a spare (charged) battery). Forceps.

I end up with one of those Anglers boxes on wheels to carry the stuff.

Postby Lundberg » Thu Oct 23, 2003 6:41 am


I always bring a box loaded with tools, nuts, bolts and marine grease. I also have some extra lead and foam just in case I need to adjust the trim slightly.

In the car I sometimes also have mask, snorkel, fins and a towel just in case I need to go for a swim ;-)

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Postby mar7ck » Fri Oct 24, 2003 10:24 am

My tool box has every thing short of a a sub hull.
Every part needed to install in sub and most of the tools.
The box is somewhat large and not too heavy, but very complete.

The small Sub Guy :cool:
The Small Sub Guy
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Postby Bigdave » Sun Oct 26, 2003 10:00 am

I am going to touch more on my tool box than whats in it(ALOT). I have one of the ones that comes apart. I got mine from Sears but I have seen it under different names. It is a little over 2 ft tall by about 18 in wide by 10 in deep. It has a collapsible handle and wheels in the back. When you tip it back it will roll. You can even use it as a seat. The main box on top detaches and if I am just going to run were I do not need alot of tools, I just take it. If I am going to a regatta I will just take the whole thing. It even has a reel on the side were I keep an extention cord. I think it is made by B&D for Sears. Dave. :cool:
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Postby boatbuilder1 » Sun Oct 26, 2003 12:07 pm

foam , lead, silicone , utility knife velcro and misc tools is all that is needed

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Postby Desert Boat » Sun Oct 26, 2003 12:55 pm

Here we go ... tylenol, glucose tablets, organ donor card, bandaids, hydrogen peroxide, small am radio for news and other assorted stuff in case of rain or riot. :D
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Postby witchblade » Tue Oct 28, 2003 10:24 am

I walk for about 5 minutes to the pond. Carry nothing more then a sub and transmitter. Why should I carry a toolbox. Even when I'm off to a regatta, I never take anything along. It's only frustrating to build or repair stuff when you discover that the one thing you need is at home. I discovered that when I was a heli-flyer. If it breaks down, enjoy the other models and check what they did to prevent your problem.

Rotterdam, Netherlands.

PS: I admit. We are spoiled with all the lakes and ponds scattered around the country here in Holland.
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Postby Slats » Thu Nov 13, 2003 10:16 pm

I take basically spares for everything. Why? I get such small amounts of time for "stick time" and the safe water way is at such a distance to get to that if something does breakdown I prefer to fix right away and try and salavage some run time.
The wife has commented that going submarining in our household is a bit like owning an Indy team. I have actually thought of building a 1/12 scale or larger RC Prime mover and race team trailer, with the trailer holding my Thor Alfa and spares. I had a quick cold shower and came back to reality.

Typically I think we do take more to the lake than skimmer drivers - yet its amazing to see how many skimmer captains have a syringe in their tool box and use it to routinally bail out loads of water at days end! I'd like to think that collectively our engineering skills are better-as a sub the same situation would mean a swim!
John Slater

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