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Postby David H » Wed Sep 17, 2003 3:34 am

Dear all,

I've been running my L.A , Ohio and Xia on two 6v 1.2 amp Sealed lead acid batteries for a while now. (In series , I run the Rec and servo's and motor off one and use both to power the 12v pump.) As soon as ive run the boat i put them back on charge. I have found that even charging them overnight I only get about 30 to 40 minutes run time. before the servo's start going sluggish. I'm using the standard car 12v charger.

Am i missing something? Is this right or should I be getting much more run time out of them? please comment.


david H

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Postby Ramius-II » Wed Sep 17, 2003 11:11 am

Hi David:
It sounds about right. The only way to really tell is to place an amp meter in series and see how much current you are really drawing. Some 6 volt motors will draw 2.5 amps therefore you would get about 30 minutes of continuous run time. Your batteries are rated for 1.2 amp hours this means you can draw 1.2 amps for 1 hour before the battery is dead. If your main drive motor draws 2.4 amps then you would only get 1/2 hour. Depending on where your batteries are placed, you may find that a single 12 volt battery will provide more amp hours for the same amount of space. If you change the main drive motor to a 12 volt type then the current draw is about 1/5th as much. As for the receiver, servos, etc. A BEC will take care of the 6 volt stuff. :;):

Ed :)
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