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Dumas Akula kit - anybody built this one?

R/C Submarine modelers

Postby Turbobearcat » Mon Aug 04, 2003 8:00 pm

Ok who in the group have built the Akula kit from Dumas and what do I need to expect when I get this kit later this week?
I found it for $95 at Starfleet hobbies in Cincinnati and decided to buy this unit, already talked to Skip about ordering some of the extras and I'm looking into buying a 5 bladed props..but I need pictures and ideas..

Also who builds the small subs?
I have some small subs that I think would be excellant for RC controlls!..

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Postby subdude » Mon Aug 04, 2003 8:27 pm

SubCommittee member Dave Welch has hands down the nicest example of this boat I've seen, and it runs great. Spent a good bit of time admiring it at the SubRegatta last weekend. A beautiful piece of work.
SubCommittee member Mark Jones is one of the "specialists" in tiny R/C sub conversions. Amazing stuff.

I would suggest that you check with either of them on the subject.

Best Regards,

Jim Butt
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Postby TMSmalley » Tue Aug 05, 2003 5:06 pm

I've posted some shots Dave sent me of his upgrade of this Dumas kit on my website under "Other Guys Projects". SubTech will be selling the upgrades as an option along with the actual kit.

Here is what Dave told me -
"Hi Tim, I just wanted to send you some photos of my new Akula. It is undergoing sea trials now. I started with the Dumas kit and just used the basic hull. I wanted to see what you could do with a inexpensive kit like the Akula and add more detail. You would not know it is the Dumas kit. I molded up my own scale tail planes and tail cone extention. I also molded in the raised hump on the rear deck. I used their basic WTC also but changed it to be more user-friendly, and installed a gas ballast system.

It has all Subtech seals in place of the Dumas ones to. I ordered the scale prop from Germany. I had 90% of the Dumas parts left when I was done but it is still a cheap way to go, for someone that has more time than money. I wanted to show what can be done.

I have a few bugs to work out but it looks very realistic in the water. Skip has my masters now and is planning to sell a retrofit kit. I just thought maybe you could use the photos on your web site.

See you at the SubRegatta, Dave."

David J Welch
Tim Smalley
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Postby MB1754 » Thu Aug 07, 2003 1:33 am

Mine is 90% completed and still under construction.
During construction, it would be wise in cutting and trimming hull CAREFULLY!! i'm working on fixing hull gaps.
If you hold off construction, theres scuttlebut that in the next issue of TSR will be an article on building the Akula. If you don't want to wait. MY advise: make sure you have the necessary tools and CA. Most all, plan what to do next.

Mike Boyd #1754

PS:If you follow the instruction and ask skip on how to setup the stuffing box and shaft. you should be OK
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Postby Frank Lock » Sun Aug 24, 2003 7:29 pm

I just orderded one of these as my first sub, and I was curious what type and size battery to use. Will sub C nicad's be good? And what size motor does it use? Thank you for the help
Frank Lock
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Postby Crazy Ivan » Mon Aug 25, 2003 10:01 am


I built one of these over the winter. The plans call for a Dumas 6 volt motor (model 2004) set up in a direct drive configuration. It is my understanding that this motor is a bit pricey. I used a Graupner Speed 400 coupled to a 3:1 gearbox, which aligned nicely with the prop shaft. This motor happened to be one I had collecting dust in my shop, but I have seen them (or their generic equivelants) dirt cheap at model shows. I'm turning a Raboesch 40mm 6 bladed prop, and the performance is excellent. The 2 blade prop from the kit worked similarly.

The battery compartment measures approximately 6.5 x 2 x 1.5 inches. I was able to just barely able to squeeze in a 6 pack of sub C's arranged in two parallel sticks of 3 cells each. I recommend NiMH over regular NiCad's as they are lighter and have a higher capacity. I'm using 4000 mAh cells in mine. I had over 2 hours running time when I ran this boat at the SubRegatta last month. You could also do what Dave Welch did, leaving the battery box out entirely and installing a sealed gell cell in the wet area. Good luck with your kit.

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Postby Frank Lock » Mon Aug 25, 2003 9:56 pm

Does abyone use brushless motors in their subs, and would a 540 size motor be too big to fit in the sub? I know it would be too much power, but it would give me even more run time. Thanks for the help.

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Frank Lock
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Postby fung pang » Tue Aug 26, 2003 1:42 am

if the r/c sub could run for more then 2 hrs., you may have to make a bigger battey pack for the transmitter.
don't over kill, with the brushless motor, on your first sub, things should be dry Will get wet! [one smoking speed controller for sale ]

brushless motor are not cheap.

still try to finish the dumas bluefish.


fung pang
fung pang
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