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TX power levels.

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Postby David H » Sun Jul 27, 2003 3:34 am

DEar all,

I was trying to run my Ohio this afternoon and have found on some occasions that if you give throttle or pump (Pressurised pump boat here) you then return the stick to neutral the pump or the motor stay on, (I'm not running a speed controller ,here, haven't needed to).

My Transmitter power was JUST on Red. In an ordinary swimming pool. i ran the same boat last week with a fully charged TX and no problems. Could it mean that my boat only responds to a really strong signal from the TX?

Or is this the SLA batteries on the boat?

comments please

thanks , DH :)
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Postby Dolphin » Sun Jul 27, 2003 2:59 pm

If nothing else has changed on your boat, be sure to keep a full charge on your transmitter (tx) before heading to the pond. Your transmitter battery maybe in need of replacement. Have it checked first.


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