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Help required with a Skipjack! - Help Required

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Postby Jim Shearing » Thu Jul 10, 2003 10:47 am

Hi guys.Well,first off let me extend my gratitude to all of you who so readily give your advice on this forum,it is MUCH appreciated.I have just received my Sub-Committee membership (Number 2595) and look forward to being part of this far as I can see I am the first member in South Africa.Ok...
On with the problem.The other day I wrote a post saying that I had a D&E Skipjack that was working fine but had a small leak.....Well,after this mornings' run in the local pool ended in a flurry of bubbles,followed by a crunching plunge into the bottom of the pool,I have realised that I might have spoken too soon!The whole of the forward compartment was flooded.Previous to this accident,I had taken the good advice previously offered to me ,and have pumped up the WTC with a bicycle pump.The leak appeared to be from around the "O" Ring in the rear (engine ) bulkhead,and I thought that by smothering that area with grease I would solve the problem...but then the front compartment floods!

so here are the questions I need your advice on...

(1).I have currently got a large rubber band running the length of the cylinder to hold the rear and forward bulkheads tight against the perspex of the WTC as the rear one seems to want to slide this usual,or should I be ordering new O rings?

(2).Having re-read the instructions I realise that I have not done what Dave merriman suggests..i.e.when my ballast tank is full the boat plunges to the bottom unless it has forward speed..the problem is that i cant seem to work out how to get that much closed-cell foam into the available space(and keep it below the designed waterline!!!) It doesnt seem possible,so I had resigned myself to running the sub with the tank approximately half full when underwater...but this isnt would any of you guys consider posting some photos of the insides of your Skipjack so I can see how they should be.?

(3).Finally...there are so many wires running around occurs to me that there must be a way to have them running all into one or two connectors so that one doesnt have to individually take out each component if servicing needs to be done...any ideas?

Guys,sorry that the post is so long,but I really want to get the boat running performs so great,and has such potential...just want to get it right....I look forward to hearing from you
Jim Shearing
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