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Help with a leak!! - Leak problems

R/C Submarine modelers

Postby Jim Shearing » Sun Jul 06, 2003 12:05 pm

Hi guys.Well I need some advice.I bought a 1/96 D&E Minatures Skipjack second hand.It is built,it is working,and it is great!...I am in the testing phase,and she has been down to a depth of 3 metres in the local outdoor pool.She works great,but there is a slight leak in the W.T.C....and even though I only get a bit of water coming in,I would like it to cease completely! what do you guys recommend as the best way to make the O-ring seals completely water tight...vaseline?..silicone grease?...whats the best?

Also,can anyone who has had a leak in their WTC please advise me if there are any other places to check for leakage,as I am having difficulty tracking down the actual leak (I am assuming that it is the O-ring seals that are leaking..but as they say, "assumption is the mother of all F*#@K ups !" )
Jim Shearing
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Postby Sub culture » Sun Jul 06, 2003 2:42 pm

Use silicone grease on all the selas on your sub. Vaseline hardens with cooler temperatures- not good!

Finding a leak is not a problem.
You want to fit a schraeder valve (tyre valve) into the WTC bulkhead, and pump it up a couple of PSI with a bicycle pump.

Submerge in water, and the leak should make itself apparent by the exit of air bubbles.

Generally a good idea to do this each time you go sailing, too!


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Sub culture
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Postby Ramius-II » Sun Jul 06, 2003 10:11 pm

Hi Jim:
One other technique I like is to pressuize the WTC and use a mixture of dishwashing soap and water with a small paint brush. This way you can check everywhere! I have found that from time to time small leaks will be where you cn not really see (like the underside of something).

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Postby Silent Hunter » Mon Jul 07, 2003 1:48 am

I'm a big fan also of silicone lubricants for your seals. Be sure to keep in mind too, that positive pressure (IE;a few PSI)
within the WTC can result in bubbles emanatining from various joints. However, once the pressure inside is neutralized, there may be a halt to leakage. Don't confuse leaks with being "water-tight". If you have for sure seen water actually coming in though, then you have a refit project in store for you. :)
Richard Frisch
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Postby TMSmalley » Mon Jul 07, 2003 6:59 am

re: WTC trouble-shooting, the manual states:

Cause - dirt build-up on the froward and after removable bulkhead o-rings. Failure to lubricate these o-rings and/or failure to apply machine oil to the servo and shaft seals reduces their ability to hold back water."

"CORRECTIVE ACTION - Perform maintenance in a clean environment, keep o-rings and seals well greased and clean. Keep spare greased o-rings in a sealed plastic bag."

One method they recommend to identify the area of leakage within the WTC is to "remove the WTC from the model, connect the Propel charging hose to the equalizing valve and suck on the other end of the hose." (In lieu of that, I remove Schrader valve from the valve body of the equalizing fitting, and fit a pice of tubing over the threaded area of the valve body). Pinch off the tubing with a hemostat or vise grip type pliers. Then immerse the WTC in the water and watch for where water droplets are leaking into the cylinder.

Also ensure that sand isn't in contact with servo and shaft seals.

Good luck!
Tim Smalley
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