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Advice on 1/96 Scale Shipyard AKULA - Pollywog needs assistance

R/C Submarine modelers

Postby lvlender » Fri Jun 20, 2003 4:40 am

Hi Fellas,
I just ordered a 1/96 AKULA hull from Scale Shipyard.

As an active member of the Las Vegas IPMS, I try to build contest winning models. Models are judged on good construction techniques, fine details and a "lifelike" scale appearance. I am sure that there is a similar award at your regattas'.

I wish to build in as much detail a possible. Is there anyone anyone who would turn out the correct 1/96 pieces for the 'forest' of antennas, periscopes, etc that I see protruding above the con tower? Hopefully someone you know can do it for me.
On further detailing of the model, are there any deck details that stick above the hull surface on the real AKULA sub? (Cleats, etc...?) From the photos of the 'real' AKULA that I have seen on the 'net, it would appear that the sub hull is totally devoid of drag inducing hardware. Or am I wrong?

The last problem is putting in the R/C functionality. This will be the first water craft I've built in 30 years. There is no one I know who builds subs in the Mojave desert! The Scale Shipyard AKULA is R/C'able but I gather not a true R/C model.
Perhaps there is a 'Master R/C submariner' you know who has R/C'd Scale Shipyard AKULA? If not, anyone feel they are a good sub gear installer. Thanks for helping this pollywog with any information you have.

from the dry Las Vegas deserts...(we used to be an ocean ya' know!)

Kevin Savage
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