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Sheerline Type VII for Sub Newbie?

R/C Submarine modelers

Postby 115-1054579405 » Sun Jun 08, 2003 12:10 am

I'm a newbie to submarines, but have many years of R/C experience. I also have an opportunity to purchase a new-in-box unbuilt Sheerline Type VII U-Boat for what seems to be a reasonable price. Just wondering if this would be considered a good kit for someone to get into subs with? I've done a bit of research and I like the idea of the Sheerline pumped ballast system, and I definitely want a Type VII U-Boat if I get a sub (they're my favorite). Any help much appreciated.

Postby Sub culture » Sun Jun 08, 2003 3:15 am

The Sheerline kit will serve you well, and builds into a nice model of the Type VII boat.

It's not the most authentic kit on the market (that honour belongs to the Hartshorn/OTW Type VII) but it's a heck of a lot cheaper, so the old adage about getting what you pay for applies here I think.

Sheerline, nee Eden ballast system is a good choice. It's failsafe and simple, with most replacement parts available off the shelf, so to speak- ideal for a beginner.
The modules/WTC's are also well built and sturdy- you shouldn't get too many problems with that.

One thing to bear in mind is that the Sheerline Type VII comes with some very prominent rivet detail moulded into the gelcoat.
These would look more in place on a Victorian steam ship than on a WWII submarine boat.
However, it wouldn't be such an arduous task to rub these out and reapply some more subtle detailing, after all most Type VII hulls come with no detail at all!

If you're not a purist, then none of that will matter.

One final word of advice- buy a APC/leveller it will enhance your sailing immensely.


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Postby 115-1054579405 » Mon Jun 09, 2003 4:38 am

Thanks very much for the reply. This would be my first true scale effort, so I don't think I qualify as a purist. I mainly want something that looks like a Type VII u-boat as it cuts through and beneath the water...I guess, "stand off scale"? "Good enough scale"? LOL Thanks again for your help, sounds like the Sheerline's a good way to go. Now just have to talk the wifey into it! ???

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