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Delta 3 boomer - Russian missile boat

R/C Submarine modelers

Postby David H » Mon May 26, 2003 6:32 am

Dear all,

I've wanted to produce a second russian boat for some time. A SSBN but think that the Typhoon has been a little overmodelled. I've always had a hankering for the Delta series of Russian boomer. You know the ugly ones with the big chunky raised deck at the back. Ugly you say but full of character none the less.

Has anybody modelled one of these boats? I would like to see one if anybody has.

another question. The two shafts out the back of the boat are right next to the rear planes make getting a rotating hydroplane rod to some puhrod horns rather difficult. How do people go about this. i presume people must have the same problem with the oscar


david Hughes. :)
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David H
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Postby Ramius » Mon May 26, 2003 10:46 pm

I agree.Someone should represent the Delta boat.Good question.Are there any Delta hulls out there avalable?
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Postby Dolphin » Tue May 27, 2003 4:51 am


I agree, the Typhoon is WAY over modelled. Yawn! The Delta IV is the most attractive, or rather the most character visually, of the Delta sisters. The Delta IV's are showing far less limber holes lately too, so they are likely much quieter. Now build it in 1/96 you bunch of arm chair modellers!

Steve Reichmuth

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