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Robbe U-47 Front Plane Operation

R/C Submarine modelers

Postby U-Boater » Fri Feb 28, 2003 8:11 am

Hello All, I have recently modified my U-47 with Front Dive Plane operation. The way that I have done this is to incorporate a water tight small box between the Conning Tower and the front planes. The box contains 1 x mini receiver, (same frequency as main Radio) 1x servo & 1x power pack. The boat, which is still a dynamic diver and performs much better than when it had rear plain operation only. However, I feel that I have gone about this the hard way and would be interested in hearing how other members have achieved front plane operation.............Regds ??? ???
Uninterupted Sub Sailing? I got the idea from a guy in the army called Private Lake
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Postby Pat Davis » Sun Mar 02, 2003 5:27 am

Simplest way, and the most popular is to just waterproof the servo and install it in the free flood area of the boat.

Read here:
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Pat Davis
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Postby tsenecal » Sun Mar 02, 2003 2:27 pm

I have no photo of this, so i will describe as best as i can...

I have 3 servos in the area at the stern of the WTC, I used the water tight gasket normally used for the switch for that 3rd servo. I have a bell crank mounted on the starboard side of the stern that the servo tie rod connects to on one side, the other side of the bellcrank connects to a 3 foot long flex cable which runs across the top of the WTC, to the front diving plane arm. I have to disconnect the connector between the bellcrank and the flex cable when I pull the two halves of the hull apart.

I use a magnetic switch located on the rear bulkhead of the wtc for my radio switch.
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Postby ThierryC » Sun Mar 02, 2003 2:36 pm

I have just waterproofed the servo and install in the free flooding area in fron tof the WTC. To waterproof it, I took the servo appart and injected melted vasoline everywhere I could, then coverred all the seams with GOOP which some sort of silicone sealant.
Then I tested the servo by leaving it in the water for a week and using it everyday. Once it survived the week I installed it in the boat and never had a problem with it.
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Postby boatbuilder1 » Sun Mar 02, 2003 6:04 pm

this is waht I have been doing latley
get a small project box from radio shack to fit a standard servo drill the rquired holes for the linkage and wires then screw on the lid with a coat of lilicone inbetween the lid and box then coat the hole lid and lip with silicone as well
install a rubber bellows for the linkage first though
then seal the hole with the wires with silicane as well now you done
its up to you to decide how to mount it I use thick pvc sheet and moun it the the floor of the bow section then make a custome srew down clamp for the box and then your done expect for the servo wires into the hull this can be done anyway you like
please check out my website for hints and tips

ca :D

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Postby 76-1046681679 » Mon Mar 03, 2003 5:41 am

I used a third servo installed in the rear part of the wtc close to the other servos. Then changed the direction by a lever and used a long rod to the front of the boat (rod supported by the beam below the deck). This might give some less accuracy then a short rod (servo in the forward free flooding section) but works. Advantage is that all electrical parts remain in the WTC. Small sketch and photo below. More images of my boat at
(dont worry about the German, the 3 links on top of the page bring you to the pictures)



Postby U-Boater » Mon Mar 03, 2003 1:27 pm

Thanks for the response guys, Some great ingenious ideas posted here. My idea with the seperate receiver means that I can split the hull apart without disconnecting anything. the disadvantages are the expense,the need of an extra on/off switch, and seperate receiver pack charging facilities but it works well......................regds U-Boater :D
Uninterupted Sub Sailing? I got the idea from a guy in the army called Private Lake
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