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Beginner's question

R/C Submarine modelers

Beginner's question

Postby rafaelgonzalez65 » Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:45 pm

Hola, I'm Rafael (Rafa for short and for friends, please) from Venezuela.

I'm a modelbuilder since the age of 10, and am approaching the silvery 50s.

A few years ago, I started scratchbuilding my own subjects, and I like to use whatever scrap of junk i can find, being the cheapo guy I am.

Recently I started to have an interest in submarines, and wanted to build my all-time favorite, the german Typ-212

My story with the 212 is one of love-at-first-sight. Never found plans of it save from some scraps of cross section examples that I used as a reference to guesstimate the shape of my hull and conning tower, so expect some inaccuracies, all my fault. I'm no engineer, architect or draftsman. I went the static model way because of my background, and the fact that, living near the coast, I have no safe-to-use ponds nearby to try my hand at R/C my sub. Besides, I lost my truck for longer drives to suitable places to the ex-missus (but I got the airbags).

I started placing my 3-views and guesstimated cross-sections (upper and lower hull, for my convenience) and cut them on cardboard. Must be an artistic vein surfacing in my middle-to-mature-years, but I like to build with whatever I have at hand. Filled the voids with packing EPS and sanded away, to reveal the long-awaited hull-form emerge from the misshapen bulk (kind of an "It's Alive!!!" moment).

What you see then is the recently mud-covering test over the naked hull. Next will be conning tower, tail and props, and my chickenscratchin', er, scribing. It's 46 cm long, some 1:120ish scale. I've settled for 1:200 on my future ones.

This one will be a littoral raider, since I plan to pose it with a tower-mounted Rheinmetall-Mauser RMK-30 recoilless 30 mm gun for surface warfare as the one in the Muraena project of which I post images also


I want to ask some questions to the experts, and please, note I live in a third world country where almost all of the fabulous products you use are nonexistent, except for some coconut shells and polyester resin.
1.- I want to provide my sub with a hard-shell. Not having more than chopped mat, I've wondered if using some fabrics or even paper is suitable for covering my model with resin
2.- I love this model, but, How can I index the X-tail with the hull?

Some other questions will come to mind. I hope I can find answers from you, gents.

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