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FBV - Some of us Sub Fans have done this for years

R/C Submarine modelers

FBV - Some of us Sub Fans have done this for years

Postby bradcd » Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:15 am

FPV (First Person Video) - Let's talk about and educate, not legislate out of existence. man has wanted to soar like a bird since dawn of time. Now we earth bound mortals are getting to a technological level where this can be done and done safe. Please watch this video and keep eye out for politicians who are trying to take away freedoms. FPV refers to Radio Control Models that use cameras on board to aid in control of aircraft and view the world as the eagles do - that all it is for most of us. Banning this can lead to banning fun. And maybe a camera on end of broomstick can help you find those missing keys you tossed up on the

I hope the accidental filming of someones ankles as my sub floats by will never land me in a 4x6 cell for life. RC Submariners we also need to put our two cents in as support.
Please Watch:
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Re: FBV - Some of us Sub Fans have done this for years

Postby Thor » Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:11 pm

While they may be stating that this is the reason for legislating this, the real issue is the possible weaponization of models. The government feels threatened by our abilities.
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