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New to the hobby, starting with a Dumas Akula

R/C Submarine modelers

New to the hobby, starting with a Dumas Akula

Postby kwando » Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:21 pm

G'day everyone,

Kwando checking in from Victoria, Australia.

I've had experience in most of the other RC vehicles out there (mainly a car guy, though) and have finally decided to try my hand at submarines.
My first kit will be the Dumas Akula, and it's currently on the way from Rogue Subworks. Kevin has been a great help and very patient with all my questions. Cheers mate!
I've been browsing this forum and various other sites over the past couple of weeks and WOW do some of these subs look great!

Ok, so my aim with this kit is to get it as good looking as I can, and in the water for the least amount of money possible. Fortunately I have a number of existing materials at hand which I can recycle into this project.

Most of my car and heli gear is 2.4ghz which I've read won't work. Fortunately I've got an old Hitec 4ch in 27mhz from my first plane which I should be able to find and get working.

This is the list of materials (that I already own) which I intend to use. Please chime in and tell me if anything is not a good idea.

- Hitec 4ch 27mhz TR/RX
- 2 Standard Hitec servos
- Tamiya rattle can paints for the hull
- Lipo hardcase pack (2s, 5000mah)

Needed to buy:

- Motor and ESC

I've done some research, and although the consensus I've read so far seems to indicate that Brushless systems are a waste of time/money, I've actually found some very decently priced items on hobbyking. As long as I make sure to get a low KV motor (<1000) and an ESC with forward/reverse I should be fine right?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but these are the calculations I'm using to determine which motor to get.

I have a 2S pack = 7.4V. If my aim is to get 5000rpm (as per the Dumas spec motor), I need a 5000/7.4 = 675kV motor. Is this train of thought correct?

I've found these motors so far which may be suitable -
1. ... Motor.html (42mm can)
2. ... 710kv.html (35mm can)

It'd be great if someone who's already built a Dumas Akula to let me know how much room is in the WTC for the motor so I know what sizes I can get.

Sorry for the long first post. I'm quite excited about being able to experience this aspect of the RC hobby. Expect many more questions to come!

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