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British class D by 32nd P. ?

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British class D by 32nd P. ?

Postby Jeffrey J » Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:27 pm

A guy at work claims to have a 32nd P. British D class rc sub kit. The kit according to him came with an inflatable bag and reversible pump. The model is over 5' , He is supposed to bring in a photo. He got the kit from a british guy while in S/A and had it shipped back, he had to finish it and has had it running for some years. If I can get a photo I will try to post it. I honestly don't think its a 32nd P. kit, but that is what the claim is, also he has never heard of OTW. thanks Jeff Jones
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Re: British class D by 32nd P. ?

Postby Sub culture » Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:12 am

I have a feeling it may be a Darnell boat, going by the ballast system and country of acquisition.

However Darnell never made a 'D' class submarine AFAIK. In fact the only WWI era hull I know he produced was a K-class, and they were very limited quantity (single figures production run I understand).

British classes he did produce include S, U, T, P classes and X craft. For Germany he did two variants of Type VII, XXI, XXIII and biber.

Most of the boats were built toa 1/40-1/50th scale, with the smaller midget and coastal subs built to larger scales between 1/6th for the Biber to 1/32nd scale for the Type XXIII.

A final note, An E-class boat was produced by British modeller Dave Diplock. This was available for a few years as a hull kit or as a complete kit with ballast system from Craycraft. I can't recall the exact scale, but I think it was 1/32.
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