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oklahoma regatta shirts

Local Chapter covering Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska.

oklahoma regatta shirts

Postby wolfsong » Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:47 pm

hi guys,

been working a little on a design idea for some regatta shirts.

we could order these shirts from cafepress for about $20.- a piece..
as well as hats/ mugs and so on..
let me know, what you guys think and i can make it happen..
we also should make some advertisement-design for the regatta

1st design:
would be on the back of the shirt..

2nd design as well on the back

print the subron5 logo on the pocket area on the front

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Postby BoomerFunker » Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:16 am

Hey Stefan,

I like the design idea generally but I, of course, have to add my two bits.

First off the event itself is still in limbo as far as I know. It COULD be the SunNFun. It COULD be a whole separate event, or it might fall through altogether as far as R/C subbing is concerned. So we might be rushing the idea of a T-shirt.

That said I like the design(s) but I think we need to make sure we have permissions to use the graphics as they may very well be owned by the Batfish Association and they may take a sour stance if we just showed up wearing their intellectual property.

I like the idea of the SunNFun logo over the front pocket area like Paul has done in the past. I think (if allowed) I like the idea of the back being a full size Batfish patch like in your second design with small script noting the event, location, and date underneath.

I'm pretty jazzed about the whole idea too! I hope it can work out and thanks for jumping forward with these designs.

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Postby Scott T » Tue Feb 26, 2008 1:07 pm

The designs look good.
What do you think about iron on designs?
I think I saw something at SP about listing
there boat names.

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