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Denver Ragatta - Hotels in the area

Local Chapter covering Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Postby Tom Spettel » Wed Mar 12, 2003 12:07 am

Ok Guy's here's a list of hotels in a five mile radious of the regatta for
june 21st and 22nd 2003. I will start with the closest and work my way out.
First is the westin hotel it 50 feet away from the regatta. its also the most expensive 150$ a night
next is about a mile away
La quinta Inn&Suites westerminster Colorado promenade phn-303-438-5800
79.00$ a night
Spring hill Suites marriott
Westminster Col 303-4641999
79.00$ a night
The next group of hotels are 5 miles away, they are all grouped together in one area.
La Quinta Inn westminster Col
303-425-9099 79.00$ a night
Holaday inn Westminster Col
303-428-3333 89.00$ a night
Hampton Inn westminster Col
303-427-0700 79.00$ a night
and my personal fav...
Double tree Hotel
Westminster Col 303-427-4000
75.00$ a night
and ten miles in the other direction
is the Broomfield manor
Broom field Col 303-466-7311
40.00 bucks a night
this place reminds me of the song by
Roger Miller King-of-the-road... get the picture? it is in a good part of town to so dont worry.
if you have any more Q's drop me a line, seya there!!!!
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