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Royal Navy Submarine Force

Postby Pirate » Mon Apr 16, 2007 9:52 am

Hey guys,

I want to put out a call to all of you. I'd like to run a cover and article, or articles (preferred), about the history of the submarine force in the Royal Navy in an upcoming SubCommittee Report issue.

How about some of you guys write something up about this, and or the submarines of the Royal Navy. Where it started, what was the first submarine, what is the progression of British submarines, etc.

And if you guys have models of a particular Royal Navy submarine, then a write-up on the history of the actual submarine, and your own model together.

Let's see what you guys can do, and if there's enough response, perhaps we can get a whole issue about British submarines and models. Talk about it amongst your members. Come up with multiple topics. Then divy up assignments. Let's see some pride from your countrymen.

Send your submissions to

Pete Piekarski
Managing Editor
SubCommittee Report
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Postby JWLaRue » Mon Apr 16, 2007 5:09 pm


Great idea! Please also check the 2001 issues of the SCR to minimize duplication....we ran coverage of the Royal Navy Submarine Centenary throughout the year.

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Postby Davy » Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:03 am

Hi Pete and Jeff,

Sorry not to give immediate reply - been thinking about this one.
It is quite a big topic. So you may wish to split it up into historical periods or choose particular themes (First RN submarine, Firsr Nuclear, Action in the Falklands etc.

I will certainly be able to submit an article on the First Hunter Killer submarine - the R class, 1918. this can cover my own model.

Any other UK volunteers?


Postby Sub culture » Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:30 am

I have a Vanguard model, but it's at little more than a bag of bits at the moment, and I won't be getting beyond drawing up the tech rack just yet.

There are a lot of UK based model submariners who have some lovely models which could make for interesting articles.

i.e. X-craft, chariots, Holland I, S-class, U-class etc.

An article on Holland I would be a goodun, being the first Royal Navy submarine, another article on British midget boats would also make good reading, as they played an important role in WWII.

Some of these boats belong to Sub Committee members, others not so.

Assuming noone else comes through, I don't mind ghost writing an article or two, providing I can get sufficient details and photos. I'd follow the format used inm the Traplet book 'Subs on display' where they detail the 1:1 version then detail the model.

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