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SubCom MI at 2014 Makers Faire

Western US Coast Local Chapter - Mare Island

SubCom MI at 2014 Makers Faire

Postby DMarquez3014 » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:48 pm

Hello One and all.

Just an up date on the up coming SubCom MI participation in the Makers Faire in San Meteo California May 17th, thru 18th.

The good news is as you all know we in will have uses of the Western Warship Combat Clubs battle pond to demo the boats and give hands on control to interested faire goers in between their battles. We will share the pond with the San Francisco Model Yacht Club who will be demoing the sail boats and offering hands on control to the faire goers on sailing plus they will help WWCC in operating their cargo ship convoys in the battles.

Now for the bad news. I will not be able to be at the Makers Faire on Friday May 16th for the set up and orientation, I unfortunately will be on business travel all that week in Pennsylvania and will be flying back on that day but I will be at the faire early on Saturday morning. The other bad news is that Rod Broyles who said he will at the faire informed me that he will also be in Pennsylvania too for a wedding that weekend. Bummer!

I will have five exhibitors badges available for us. Mark Jones and my self, Paul Felsch and maybe his dad and Giovanni Hurt(though he has not yet confirmed or on what day, said he plans to be at the faire. I hope he does.)will be at the faire. If Paul's dad or Giovanni are not able to participate at the faire, this will mean I will have two exhibitors badges left over. So if any of you are interested in attending please get in touch with me asap!

If you do plan on attending the faire to help out in the exhibitors booth let me know what day you will to be there? Also please let me know if you plan on bring a sub with you so we know how much space we will need make for the exhibit? Our exhibit space is 10 x 10 with two 8' x 30" tables, it will be situated near the battle pond. I will have the boat on display along with our SubCom MI banner, and a video screen to play our past SubCom sub regattas, literature and books, we will hand out SubCom pamphlets and answer any questions that people may have and sign up people who are interested in joining SubCommittee.

If you are not going to participate but are interested in coming to the faire, tickets are $32.50 dollars for adults $22.50 for student and $17.50 for youth/child. Purchase your tickets on line


I hope to see many of you come out to enjoy the faire and make a show of support for the SubCommittee.

David Marquez SC #3014
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