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Good news from the DEN - This is great news

South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida Local Chapter

Postby DEEPDIVER » Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:43 am

:) Hello fellow Captains, just last week after spending 4 hours cutting back the overgrowth at the Devils Den pond ,so that we can walk all the way around,Paul and I have agreed that all members can run for FREE as long as he is notifieid of a large number in advance.Thats good for serface targets also,such as the Orcas Lake Club.To promote the pond.Also an additive can be used to clear up the water even more, its prety good now to about 6 ft but for the divers he adds the additive agent and he would do it for us as well.
For now there is not a large nomber of members, so lets pack em up and get to the Den for a fun run any time after the Nov 4th event.
I will be building a diorama of the sub pens in France along with lighthouses on the islands, points and a large docking fasility in the bay,made as much to WWII specks as posible ,just for realism,cool.
Also a great barbaque at a small cost will be made for all attendees!!
Well let me know and lets have fun!
Thanks and check out the pics<img src=" <img src="" target="_blank">" <img src="" target="_blank">][IMG] <img src="" target="_blank">][IMG] <img src="" target="_blank">][IMG] " target="_blank">;>

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Postby Al Nuci » Fri Oct 20, 2006 5:30 pm

That's great news Dave, I know the time and effort you have put into getting a watering hole that us sub drivers and other boaters can simply come together for some food and fun while sailing at a price everyone can afford. A little BBQ! sounds like a win win situation, that means I won't have to pack a lunch for the journey. sweet,lol. Thanks much, and count me there.
Al Nuci
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