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Postby g2tiger » Sat Aug 13, 2005 7:33 am


Between Warren Wilson, James Lockhart, Mike Wilson (no relation to Warren) and myself we have been working on a locatin for a southern regatta. For now the best location I think we have is in Jacksonville at the ORCAS new lake. The reasons are several, one is access to all sides of the lake, it's not more than ten feet deep and it's a new lake (less than threeyears old or so) and not very weedy and not much debris on the bottom.
There is a shelter, a public restroom, parking is close and the lake is not too big or too small. Also there are resturants and such within about five miles drive. I think there is a hotel a little farther.

James is looking in Orlando and I hope he finds something along the lines of Carmel but for right now JAX is possibly the best we have.

If those interested would e-mail me their e-mail address and some info on their model I will compile a complete list for the group. It looks like there are enough for a good start. Send your info to

For now try to make the Oct regatta with the ORCAS (my surface buddies) It will be an all day event and should be fun.

Charlie Johnson
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Postby spongjim » Sat Aug 13, 2005 2:53 pm

Hello Charlie .
I sent you the pictures of the regatta did you get them let me know if you didnt. I will send you another cd . Now back to whats important ,the lake sounds fine to me I will be there in Oct. If you could please send me the info on the conning tower for the u47 , I will be putting her in the water next weekend . Hull is done and decks are mounted ready tray is done waiting on speed controllers and batteries to get here . I will try to paint her tomorrow if the body work is done tonight.I will send pictures when done see you later.

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Postby g2tiger » Wed Aug 24, 2005 10:28 am


Sorry, I don't check the board as frequently as I should. I sent you a copy of my Robbe disk and you should have it by now. It does not say anything about the Tower. I had to get a dremel tool and a bit that would grind away the inside of the tower. the tower is an accurate armor tower and it is heavy as it comes from the factory. Carve out and grind away every possible part inside of the tower.

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