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May fun run report - June run info

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May fun run report - June run info

Postby subdude » Wed May 12, 2010 10:36 pm


Just a reminder to put the next outdoor fun run or your schedules. Saturday, June 12, 10:00am until we get hungry and go for lunch.

For those of you who missed this month's run, you missed a great time! We had 6 guys show up with all sorts of surface and sub-surface craft.

Here's a shot of the gang:


And one of the fleet:


Clockwise from bottom: Curtis' modified Akula, Don's Atlantic tug, Karl's PT, John's pushboat, Jeff's Seehund, Jim's Neptune.

There were other ships and subs there also, but you can only rune one at a time.....

During the run John's pushboat suddenly stopped mid-pond. After a successful rescue operation, it was found that John had managed to snag a fishing line, complete with bobber, sinker, hook, and a piece of tree branch.


If you missed it, well, you missed it. Hope you'll join us next time!

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