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Summer run schedule!!!!!

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Summer run schedule!!!!!

Postby subdude » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:04 pm


I'm delighted to announce that thanks to Garry Domnisse we have a new pond to run in for the summer months. It's a private pond, with a fresh water feed and runoff to keep vegitation down, easily accessable, and downright beautiful. The owners have graciously allowed us to run there as long as we let them know when we're coming, don't make a mess, and don't harass the wildlife.

The address is 1948 (I think) Grafton Shop Road, Bel Air, MD. It's only a mile or so from the old place in Forest Hill which is no longer accessable.

Below is a map showing the relation to the old pond, and an aerial view of the pond itself. Keep reading below the pics for more info.




We have set the below dates for the summer runs:

Saturday, May 5
Saturday, June 2
Saturday, July 7
Saturday, August 11

As always, I'll email reminders the week prior to the run. Get the dates on your schedule now!
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