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Owner of "Red October" Typhoon variant in Brisbane?

Eastern States of Australia

Owner of "Red October" Typhoon variant in Brisbane?

Postby Bradv » Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:21 am

Hi All,

Would any of you fine gents know who the owner of a "Red October" Typhoon variant in Brisbane is? A co-worker of mine rescued this from the bottom of the diving pool at Chandler while he was there for a swim recently and, knowing I'm into R/C subs, mentioned this to me yesterday. Unfortunately he didn't obtain the contact details of the owner or pass on mine, so the only info I was able to gain is that it's approximatly 6' long (so ~1:96 scale) and it was running with a US nuke sub too.

As I have a 1:72 Typhoon in Brissie I'm keen to make contact with another local Typhoon captain - my contact details are under the "Contacts" area of our boat club's webpage at

Thanks for any help, and here's my Typhoon on its first run at the recent Australian SubRegatta at Canberra:

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