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Passing of Bill Hodgkins

New England US Local Chapter

Passing of Bill Hodgkins

Postby Tony G. » Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:02 pm

It is with great sadness that we of SubRon 4 mark the passing of our Founding Commodore, Mr. William C. "Bill" Hodgkins. As some may know, Bill has had a rough go of the past couple years, and we take some small comfort in his suffering having ended. We can only hope that somewhere he's pondside, comfortably driving a model sub in sunshine and calm.
Bill was a good friend to our hobby as well as the people he knew. Always ready to help, whether as a teacher or problem solver, or just as someone to talk with. His rapier wit has been missed by the group at our meetings for some time now, and with his passing, it is sad to think that there will be no more quips and one-liners to be shared.
Bill was a veteran of the Cold War, serving in the US Navy and the Naval Reserves. He was qualfied SS in USS Lionfish, serving in her Interior Communications division. He shared many a sea story with the group, always with rapt attention of those who hadn't served in boats and the knowing grins of those who had and related to the tales in their own experiences.
We thank him for his service to his God, his country, and for his service to the SubCommittee and SubRon 4.
We would also wish that his wife, Nancy, and family find peace and comfort in knowing that Bill is now at peace and has found better place. All that knew him will surely miss him.

Sailor, rest your oars.......

On behalf of SubRon 4, members past and present,

Bill Lambing
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