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September Meeting - North Lake, SUBASE,NLON!!

New England US Local Chapter

Postby wlambing » Mon Sep 04, 2006 7:31 pm

The September meeting will be at North Lake, SUBASE, NLON in Groton, CT. 1030 AM-1600 PM, Saturday, 16 SEP 06.
For those without DOD stickers, a Temporary vehicle pass is required. To get one you will need to be on a roster I must submit on Friday, 8 SEP 06. I will need the following info:

Date of Birth
Place of Birth

When you get to the base, drive directly to the Main Gate sentry post with;
Valid Driver's License,
and Proof of Insurance,
ready to present to the sentry.
All persons in the vehicle need to be on the roster, and have some ID available. If the vehicle is not registered to you, you will also need written permission to use the vehicle.
Once you get your pass, stay in the left lane and make a left turn at the flashing red light, go to the right lane, then turn right at the T intersection. Go straight @ 3/4 mile and turn right at the end of the Golf Course. There should be a small green torpedo there with WEAPONS painted on it. Go past the Pistol Range and take the first right into the North Lake parking lot.
Get the info to me ASAP!!! Once I turn in the list on Friday, that's it! If you have previously provided the required info, you don't need to resend.

See you on the beach!!

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