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June Meeting

New England US Local Chapter

June Meeting

Postby wlambing » Wed May 30, 2012 8:39 pm


This month our squadron patrol area assigned is again Beach Pond at the Acadia Management Area, Rt. 165, Exeter, RI. 1030AM, Saturday, 16 JUN 12. Bring something to run, something to run if that one breaks, some snacks, a cold beverage, and some t/p!! This is a primitive site, with no facilities and preparedness is a watch-word! After patrol reports will be debriefed and good ol' 'merican diner chow (as close as you can get to authentic USN flavored gut grease! Only in the Navy can a simple cup-o'-joe cause greasy discharge!!) will be consumed at our forward deployed headquarters.

See you on the beach!

"If you ignore the problem long enough, it will go away. Even flooding stops eventually!"
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