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September Meeting

New England US Local Chapter

September Meeting

Postby wlambing » Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:27 pm


The September gathering will be at Beach Pond, in the Arcadia Management Area, on RT. 165 in RI. September 17, 1030 AM. This will most likely be our last running opportunity. The nice thing is the water-skiers will probably be gone! Clear water, no weeds, and a nice beach. The bad thing is that this is a "primitive" site with NO facilities and limited parking. Tinkling can be handled, but nothing more! It will be hard to top Jonathan's "beach-kill" entrees, so, afterward we can go for chow to the diner we hit last month, I think they're doing a "Rhody" racoon special that weekend. Anybody ever tried those little baby skunk "pucks" that have been on the roads lately? They're just about canape size, just wondering if they make satisfactory appetizers? Bring beverages,snacks, and seatage.

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