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Hotel - Comfort Suites Carmel, In

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Postby TMSmalley » Fri Feb 13, 2004 10:42 am


Our "unnoffical" SubRon6 hotel for the Feb 28 Carmel Indiana fun run is the Comfort Suites at 15131 Thatcher Lane, Carmel Indiana.

If you go to the Comfort Suites website you can make a reservation on line. There are a number of discount categories - including "Over 50 mature traveller" - I'm over 50 but I think "mature" is a bit of a stretch! :D

Comfort Suites website (Search on Carmel, Indiana 15131 Thatcher Lane).

So far Steve Jensen, Jim Schwinkendorf and I have made reservations at that hotel.

Our man in Carmel - Chris Campbell - offers these driving instructions to the hotel:


I don't know if you are going to the hotel first so this is to help you if you do:

The place where you are staying is North of the school. Actually it is one stop light North of the Don Pablos where we all ate.

If you take Meridian (31 N ) from 465 you will pass the Don's and then the next light has a Shell gas station on the right side of the road. That is 151st St. Turn right there and then turn left behind McDonalds. You will see the Comfort straight ahead.

The only tricky part is that Meridian will merge with Keystone before Don's so stay in the right lane and then when it merges get to the right (not the turn lane).

. . . The shirts are done and I am going to pick them up next week. . .

Chris Campbell

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